Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The beginning....

And here it is, my first attempt at a blog.
Why do I do it?
I don't really know, like everyone else, who hasn't been hiding under a rock for the last few years, I've read about blogs in the various media.
I always thought that they were a bit of a self indulgence for people with to much free time on their hands.
Most of them (except some of the Milblogs) didn't have anything useful to contribute.
So is mine going to be different?
Am I special? Will my blog be different? Will it put an extra bit of sunshine in your day, add some more kick to your coffee, make your pillow fluffier and maybe stop your toenails from ingrowing?
Being a conceited bastard I should stay true to character and say YES, but you know what; I don't know and frankly I couldn't give an aeronautical intercourse.
Being at a stage in my life were, due to family commitments and the "pressure" of running my own company, I do not get out enough I will see if this blog can serve as some form of outlet.
Maybe it will stop me from ranting and raving on to my long suffering (but extremely gorgeous) wife and make her life more bearable.

So what will I "blog" about?
Anything and everything basically, being an opinionated and contrary bastard I find plenty of issues in my day-to-day life that piss me off, annoy me or make my blood pressure reach dangerously high levels.
I will most likely vent about such wide ranging issues such as; politics, PC dumbasses, smoking bans, stoopid little cars, hypocrites, lack of broadband, lawyers, people with no sense of right & wrong, bad TV and the complete and utter futility of decaf...
On the other hand, in an attempt to not seems to much of a "grumpy old man", I will regularly sign the praises of; tall redheads (of the female persuasion), strong coffee, big cars (think Humvee, Landrover 110 & Suburban...), family life, the great outdoors and last but certainly not least my wife & kids.
Being in the IT/Telcoms business I might also feel obliged to spout my views and comments on issues related to this industry. Do not take my word for gospel but I have been right more times that I have been wrong (dotcom boom? Yup, saw that one coming).

So are you scared, fascinated or just curious?
Well check back here regularly and you might just spend a few minutes of your day in a more enjoyable way that you used to do previously..