Friday, September 08, 2006

Now you CIA them, now you don't...

I am truly surprised about the lack of uproar in reply to Dubya's statement a few days ago that; "yes, the CIA operates a number of "secret" prisons".
Did he not deny this some months ago together with the whole issue of rendition flights and people being nabbed by CIA hit-team form foreign countries?
Does this mean that if he lies about it first he can then admit it a few months later without any negative effects?
What really annoys me about the US's so-called war on terror is not what they are doing but the way they are doing it. This is a conflict on a huge scale and the outcome is of such vital importance to the worlds population that sometimes certain "un-civilized" measures have to be taken. The use of interrogation methods that might be seen as torture ae one of those measures. If it known that a certain person holds information that could save the lives of 10's, hundreds or even thousands of "your" people what are you going to do about it?
Ask him nicely?
Or use whatever methods availabe to get access to the information?
I have no problem with the latter...
What I do have a problem with is hypocricy, the US has played this game from day one.
They apply methods that they consider neccesary and acceptable but because they think that the public might not accept them they do not admit their actions. Even when it's blatantly obvious what is going on.
By doing so they lose face & credibility in my opinion and put a negative spin on their whole effort to combat terrorism...


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