Monday, January 29, 2007

Broadband: yes please. Criticism: no thanks.

Apparently "Ireland Offline" (Irelands self-appointed broadband users lobby-group) can't take criticism.
Someone dared to ask them what their goals were and what they had achieved so far.
Now, in my opinion, that is a perfectly reasonable question for someone to ask.
IOFFl seems to think otherwise.
See here what ensued.
It is clear to me that IOFFL has been talking to a lot of people but that it has had very little effect. This seems to frustrate it's members a lot and they seem to refuse to admit this.
Time for some fresh blood methinks....


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Bernie said...

I think it pays to go where your expertise fits without a ripple.

Have you heard Adam Curry's issues about wireless services throughout his house?


Evert said...


I simply asked IOFFL for their view on how the current broadband "stalemate" in Ireland could be solved. Just so that I could see if I agreed with them and to establish if there was any point in my joining their effort. I was met with a wide range of derogatory remarks and outrage. Obviously they are more interested in campaining, lobbying and other promotional efforst than in actually achieving anything.

On another subject; yes I just saw your blogpost on the Pod-father. Will call him shortly. Funny thing is that I use to while away quiet evenings when I worked at a petrol station in my teens listening to his radioshow. Funny how things come back...
How about your won wireless problems? I'm just waiting for the word go to come to Cashel.